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"Enjoy life doing what you like"

This filosophy understands that change towards happiness goes through living your life doing that what you like most. Making you able to live from it and, in case that is not possible, work hard in order to obtain the necessary resources to practice it. This section is created by everyone who lives and carries this lifestyle. We want to represent and show that in this section, show all those people who fight every day to practice that hobby/job and enjoy life doing so.

Thanks to everyone who believes and makes this project possible.

Patrick Mahoney

21 years old.


Half Spanish, half American. One of the first people who started and trusted this project. We believed in him from the beginning, since he carries out every challenge that he sets to himself and he enjoys every second of his life to the maximum. He represents, as many people, the values that we want to show.

This skater earns his living as an actor/model, travelling around the world, discovering new places, meeting new people and cultures, while he edits videos about the everyday adventures that he lives.

Right now he has started a new stage of his life in Los Angeles, but you can follow him throw Social Media.

@patrickmahoney Instagram

Almudena Cañedo

21 years old.


Another of the persons who trusted this project and now is a part of it.

This adventurous, traveller, life-loving girl enjoys what she does, seizing every moment that she lives. Se is a professional of the fashion world, both working as a model and studying it. One of her passions is music: attending concerts, playing the guitar... Among her passions there is also art, as well as enjoying her close friends company.

Right now she is located in London in a new adventure of her life, you can find this multifaceted girl in her social media:

@almucanedo Instagram

Here you can see her Portfolio

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